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Office turnstiles are more and more widely used, especially in high-end business office buildings and enterprise buildings. They are more and more used in the lobby and elevator hall on these occasions. They play a good role in controlling the access of internal and external personnel and improve the overall image of the use occasion.
an empty hallway with blue doors and metal barriers
COMINFO, a.s. - Turnstiles and Gates | Cominfo
Turnstile - Easygate SH
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Kate Spade 💗
a vending machine in a grocery store filled with food
Junk food at 200 Medical Plaza, UCLA
an escalator going up the side of a building
渋谷ソラスタ - fujitec
an open glass door on the side of a building with a clock in it's center
minimalism entrance
a long row of sinks in a public restroom with plants on the counter and mirrors above them
A Tropical Australian Landscape Hidden In Sydney | Habitus Living
Technē Architects Untied bathroom
an empty lecture hall with chairs and tables
Concours - Conception et suivi des travaux de réalisation d’une Ecole à El Jadida