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some pink and white items on a table
Pingente Cortina Passarinhos
Pingente cortina Passarinhos
a pink felt ornament with flowers and a birdhouse hanging from it's side
O jardim encantado da Mafalda
O jardim encantado da Mafalda | Gracinhas Artesanato♥/
the paper doll is cut out to make it look like she's sleeping
Bebê Dorminhoco Molde
menina nanando, bebê dormindo, bebê nanando, bebê dormindo em feltro molde
a pink stuffed animal sitting on top of a piece of fabric next to a name sign
Mimos da Ni
the teddy bear has been cut out and is ready to be put into its own
cute baby bear felt pattern, would look lovely on a little girls/boys nappy bag, just sew a brooch pin on the back
an owl is sitting on a tree branch with pink and green feathers, while another bird sits on the branch
paper plates with bows and polka dots on them
Make a Simple Beautiful Envelope
a pink and white bag with a bird on it
Tags for Alice
a teddy bear hanging from a string with the word souven written on it's side
little girl teddy bear ballerina name banner in felt/tulle...NO pattern
a bouquet of teddy bears with pink bows in a gift bag for someone's birthday
Kit para Cozinha Galinha Charmosa
the instructions to make a felt fish craft for kids are shown in three different ways
Как сделать весенних птичек из фетра
Делаем весенних птичек из фетра #diy #felt #tutorial #bird
a cake that is shaped like the word solea with an elephant and stars on it