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Abelhas-robôs russas surgem como promessa para salvar plantações
the video creation of'one more '
"One More..." | Scene modeling and armature practice | Blender | Timelapse
an image of the human body with different colors and muscles, including one male figure
gvein - Professional, Digital Artist | DeviantArt
3D Sycras Simplified Anatomy by gvein on DeviantArt
the cover of mastering sculpting, with an image of a dragon on it's back
Mastering Sculpting (Blender Video Course) [$]
Mastering Sculpting (Blender Video Course) [$]
the words are written in pink and black
Cómo crear un hilo de lana (Parte 2)
Cómo crear un hilo de lana (Parte 2)
the back view of a woman's body with yellow lines on her chest and arms
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
the blender is designed to look like ice cubes
Easy Stylized Particles + Camera Loop | Blender 2.83 / 2.9 | 4K PREVIEW
Learn CGI photography
CGI product photography is associated with the concept of computer-generated imagery for creating an inspiring and hyper-realistic "photos" for your retail products. Right through the use of 3D CGI Technology, you can quickly render simple and hard surface shapes into 3D technology effects. Choose any virtual object, and you can freely transform it into the hyper-real renderings quite easily.
an egg with the words how to control hdr shadows in blender
How to Control HDR Shadows in Blender
How to Conrol HDR Shadows in Blender - YouTube
an image of a computer screen with some sort of object in the middle of it
Pierre Schiller on Twitter
an image of a knitted beanie with text describing how to crochet
Procedural Wool Shader for Blender - FlippedNormals
2D&3D - Animated River - Breakdown 3d 2d Animation, 2d 3d Animation, Animating Fire, Blender 3d Illustration, 3d Animation Videos, 2d To 3d, Animated Short Film
2D&3D - Animated River - Breakdown
2D&3D - Animated River - Breakdown
an orange robot holding a cat in front of some bubbles and planets on a blue background
Space Skull & Cat (WIP)
Space Skull & Cat (WIP) by Mohamed Chahin