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cyber world | cyberpunk | neon
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puppyparu no Tumblr

oc dynamics: Annie x Ilya

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oc dynamics: Ilya x Jules

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oc dynamics: Ace x Jules

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oc dynamics: Ace x Dorian

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oc dynamics: Jules x Elijah

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Cyberpunk, liquid latex, electronics

cyborg inspo

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X 上的 Moxuan zhang:「Commission✨ Shoes for @aftokrator https://t.co/zdHCxffW9E」 / X
ArtStation - Shoes_part3

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an open case with several different types of knives in it
an old tv sitting on top of a table next to plants and other things in plastic bags
nya? 0.o: Photo
two pink and purple nintendo 3ds games consoles
puppyparu no Tumblr
an old run down building with graffiti on the side and stairs leading up to it
an apartment building at night lit up with blue light from windows and balconies