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a pink background with the words hypnotic data written on it
a red background with the words i get mean when i'm nervous like a bad dog
an ad for spotify with the caption'heaven is a place we can't afford '
damn the man save the empire - pierce the veil
ptv lyrics spotify
i'm so tired i can't sleep by penyroyal tea - 2013
nirvana lyrics
a green square with the words, summertime my chemical romance if you stay, i would even wait all night or until my heart explodes
a green background with the words, you can run away with me anytime you want
a red square with the words, and if you go, i wanna to go with you
Im Going Crazy, Me Too Lyrics
a quote from love buzzz nirvana that reads would you believe me when i tell you you are the queen of my heart
spotify lyrics
a blue background with the words, i found it hard, it's hard to find
Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
an orange background with the words, so as you read this i know to stay with
à tout le monde <3 🌍
Emo Style, Emo Quotes, Spotify, Emo Music, Emo Song, Johnnie Guilbert
vampire 🖤🖤
Grunge, Music Lyrics Quotes Songs, My Chemical Romance Aesthetic Lyrics
My chemical Romance 🛐
an image of a text message that reads, early sunsets over monroe my chemical romance and there's no room in the next but does anyone notice there's a corpse in this bed?
an ad for spotify with the words you're the fog that keeps me clear
Metallica, My Heart Is Breaking, Revenge
Disenchanted | My Chemical Romance
the ghost of you quote on a red background with an image of a woman's face
the ghost of you - my chemical romance
a blue square with the words i'm not myself now you make me nervous
#johnnieguilbert #spotify
Monkey see🙉, monkey do🐒 I dont know why 🤨⁉️ Punk, Sayings, Feelings, Listening To Music, Lyric Poetry
Monkey see🙉, monkey do🐒 I dont know why 🤨⁉️
the text reads, i have lost the will to live simply nothing more
fade to black-metallica
a blue square with the words sell the kids for food in bloom nirvana
Nirvana quote
in bloom
i don't believe in god i don't believe in luck i don't believe in you i just believe in the enemy
an ad with the words, what else should i be? all apologies
All apologies
Music Mood, Songwriting, Album Songs
a blue background with the words i'm so happy cause today found my friends they're in my head
a purple background with the words, shut up and let me see your jazz hands
the text reads, and i don't care if you're sick or you're contagious
an ad with the words i can't handle change, and it is written in black
spotify lyrics
i never wana think again again again, spotify and alex g's
How I Feel, How To Be Outgoing
the text reads, my strange addition hurts, but i know how to hide it
Billie Eilish my strange addiction lyrics
a pink card with the words, this body is here but i'm gone
(L)MIRL by deftones