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someone is holding up a piece of art that has been altered to look like cartoon characters
presentinho pro namorado
#desenho #namorados #diadosnamorados #art #graff #tags #hellokity #spiderman
someone is holding up a bouquet with some toys on top of a building in the city
Rosas eternas One piece
#onepiece #rosaseternas #arreglos #decoracion
Presentes para namorado - Ideias de presente - Presentes criativos
Ideias de presente feito a mão
Essa e uma ideia de presente feito a mão, para você presentear a uma pessoa que ama ou gosta ela e uma ideia bem simples
Algum sorriso te deixa bobo(a)??
Aprenda a fazer esse lindo presente para uma pessoa amada by→sasaswiftie >@pls_clara
DIY Love Letter Package Gift w/ Messages💕 - Easy thoughtful gift idea for your boyfriend/girlfriend
Per usual, my link in bio has diy gifting kits and my Amazon storefront is up with all the materials for this project!! 🤗 ⚠️Please ask for permission BEFORE remaking AND posting this original concept of mine thank you I’ve been having a lot of work stolen lately 😞 ⚠️ but if you’re just making it for your loved ones please do!!