Prazeres da vida

Um dos nossos prazeres é...comer. Quem nao aprecia um um bom petisco ????
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an aerial view of the city and water from a cable car in front of it
Vista do Teleférico, V.N.Gaia
people sitting at tables in a restaurant with chandeliers and mirrors on the walls
Majestic Café, Porto, Portugal
a white plate topped with meat covered in gravy on top of a table
O ex-libris do Porto....a nossa deliciosa Francezinha
a bowl filled with shrimp and vegetables on top of a table
Feijoada de marisco
Feijoada de marisco, adoro !!!
small pastries are sitting on a yellow napkin next to muffin tins with green leaves
Mini Portuguese Egg Tarts - Rasa Malaysia
Mini Portuguese Egg Tarts
a table topped with plates of food and wine
Querido diário – Tem que ser agora?
A variedade da nossa gastronomia !!!
a large platter of seafood and rice is ready to be served on the table
A Comida dos Outros na Experiência Turística
Um prato super colorido...uma delicia para o olhar...
a white plate topped with chicken and broccoli covered in seasoning next to a salad
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Ummm, bom aspecto...