O nosso Portugal

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four colorful pig sculptures are lined up on the sidewalk
a boat on the beach with people in the background
Barco de pesca, Vieira de Leiria
the sun is setting over the ocean with waves
Por do sol, Vieira de Leiria
a birdhouse hanging from the side of a tree in front of a blue sky
Quinta da Gruta, Castelo da Maia
a bonsai tree in the shape of a heart on gravel area next to building
Quinta da Gruta, Castelo da Maia
an old stone bridge with purple flowers on the top and trees growing over it, in front of a lake
Quinta da Gruta, Castelo da Maia
a white building with steps leading up to it
Estaçao de metro Castelo da Maia
a white building sitting on the side of a train track
Estaçao de metro do Castelo da Maia
a woman standing under a tree next to a body of water with a boat in the background
Árvore decorada com pedaços de rendas,V.N. Gaia
people walking on the sidewalk next to a large tree with paper cutouts hanging from it's branches
Árvore decorada com panos de renda, V.N. Gaia
an old building with a clock on the top
Cais da Ribeira
a tall tower with a clock on the top of it's side next to some buildings
Cais da Ribeira
an assembly line in a factory with wheels on the conveyor belt
Mecanismo do Teleférico, V. N. Gaia
a bridge over a street with buildings in the background
Ponte da Arrábida
a mural on the side of a building next to a street with cars driving by