Animais macrame

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someone is holding up an ornament made to look like a llama with tassels
Buy Llama Wall Art, Animal Nursery Decor, Macrame Llama Online in India - Etsy
a yellow and brown giraffe shaped wall hanging on the side of a white wall
four pieces of felt with different shapes and colors on white fabric, each featuring an animal's head
a brown and white bear head made out of woven material with tassels on it
two pictures of the same animal made out of yarn
Macrame Wall Decor, Boho Nursery, Minimalist Decor, Scandinavian Decor
three woven wall hangings with different colors and designs on wooden planks, one in the shape of a bear's head
two pieces of art work with yarn and scissors
Macrame rainbow
a stuffed animal with flowers on it's head
Gazelle Wall Hanging
three pieces of animal shaped rugs with tassels and fringes on them
macrame animals