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a painting of a woman in a blue coat and hat standing on a sidewalk with buildings behind her
an oil painting of trees and stairs leading up to the water's edge in autumn
Pierre Bonnard | Tate Modern
Pierre Bonnard Stairs in the Artist's Garden 1942-4 National Gallery of Art (Washington, USA)
an abstract painting of boats in the water
Henri Le Sidaner. The Harbor, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, 1936-39
an abstract painting of houses and trees in the distance, with mountains in the background
an image of a painting that looks like it is in the middle of a field
a painting of a house in the middle of a garden with lots of flowers and trees
Morning in the Garden at Vaucresson, Edward Vuillard 1920
a painting of trees and hills in the distance
an oil painting of trees and buildings in the distance
Paul Cézanne - part 6
ART & ARTISTS: Paul Cézanne - part 6
a painting of a woman sitting in the grass
amare-habeo: Paul Sérusier (French, 1864- 1927) Solitude,... (ALONGTIMEALONE)
Paul Sérusier (French, 1864- 1927) Solitude,...
an oil painting of houses on a hill
Paul Cézanne - Turning Road at Montgeroult at MoMA New York
an abstract painting with many colors and shapes on it, including trees in the background
Wassily Kandinsky (Russian, 1866 - 1944) Fragment of Composition II , 1910
an oil painting of colorful houses on a sunny day
Murnau - Grüngasse Wassily Kandinsky - 1909
an oil painting of buildings and flowers in the foreground with blue sky behind them
Houses in Munich by Kandinsky - Analysis
Kandinsky's Munich-Schwabing with the Church of St. Ursula. 1908