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a gold faucet with two purple stones on it and a white marble base
Mona Mina
livia-bruch: Rose Quartz sink, Amethyst and Gold fixtures
a large bowl shaped sink sitting on top of a marble counter next to a mirror
Detail of our Rose quartz bathtub made from a unique block #salonedelmobile #baldihomejewels
a white pedestal sink sitting under a mirror in a bathroom next to a wallpapered wall
7 Must-Know Rules for Decorating With Color
Graphic wallpaper in elegant bathroom
a bathroom with a tub, shower head and flowers in vases on the counter
Huysinc: Alles voor jouw keuken en badkamer
I love orchids - need to incorporate them into my bathroom interior!
a white bed sitting in a bedroom next to a bath tub
VS Apartments by FRPO Rodriguez & Oriol Architecture Landscape
Separando as águas, deixando a luz entrar...
a bedroom with white walls and flooring in the corner, along with an open shower
14 voorbeelden van een badkamer in de slaapkamer
Ideal... Chuveiro & lavatório no quarto!...
a white sink sitting on top of a counter next to a faucet and mirror
14 Brilliant Bathroom Design Ideas
Light drawing washbasin
a bathroom with white and gray tiles on the floor
House tour: Modern eclectic family home | Style at Home
a bathroom with a sink, shower and bathtub in it's own area
Kid's bathroom remodel-our design