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a plate filled with pasta on top of a table
Revista Bimby - Junho 2015
the menu for an italian restaurant with rice and sausages on it's side
Revista bimby pt-s02-0036 - novembro 2013
a recipe book with an image of a casserole dish on the cover and in spanish
150 receitas Bimby (melhores de 2013)
a casserole dish on a wooden table with utensils
150 receitas Bimby (melhores de 2014)
several muffins sitting in paper cups on a table
Queques à Portuguesa :: Muffins the Portuguese Way
some muffins are on a plate next to a box of mazema
Queques de limão e um segredo
an advertisement for some kind of food on a table
Revista bimby pt-s02-0035 - outubro 2013
a bowl filled with chocolate cookies sitting on top of a table
Macarrones de chocolate
a white plate topped with cookies on top of a table
Bolachas de limão
some waffles are on a plate next to a blender
Belgas caseiras
an open book with some kind of food on it's cover and instructions to make them look like they are made out of cookies
Revista Bimby Janeiro 2015
an article in spanish describing how to make a pasta salad with meats and vegetables
Revista bimby 14
an open magazine with a bowl of food on the front and back pages in spanish
150 receitas as melhores de 2013
the cover of bimby e'natal magazine, with an assortment of food on it
Boas festas com a bimby
a bowl of soup with beans and carrots
Sopa de feijão com couve lombarda