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the parthenon on top of the acrobatic hill with trees below
an outdoor dining table with food and drinks on it, overlooking the cityscape
10+ Things To Do in Santorini, Greece - Best Things to Do in Santorini
an outdoor seating area with tables and chairs on the beach next to the ocean in front of whitewashed buildings
Jewel Boutique
the sun is setting behind some ruins in the ancient greek city of segesia
Acropolis at sunset
an outdoor dining area with tables, chairs and umbrellas on the side of a building
Eat & Drink Your Way Through Milos: The Best Restaurants, Cafes & Bars
the sun is setting over some white buildings with blue domes on them in oia, greece
greece bby
white buildings with blue domes overlook the ocean
The 5 Best Photo Locations In Santorini, Greece - alexandra taylor