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a person is holding a piece of paper with a small square cut out on it
Do you want to try drypoint? Discover this fantastic technique with another beautiful article written by one of our guests! | printmaking art, printmaking techniques, drypoint printmaking, printmaking lessons
a person is working on an art project with copper foil and crayon pencils
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We are very pleased to publish this article on a spectacular technique written by a wonderful artist. Do you want to know who we're talking about? Click the link and find out! 😉 | printmaking art, printmaking techniques, mezzotint printmaking
an image of two men in front of a cart full of potatoes and eggs, one is pointing at another man's hand
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How about starting the day with a new author article? Today we have a very complete article created by Benjamin D. Rinehart. 😍 | printmaking art, printmaking techniques, woodcut printmaking, reduction printmaking, printmaking lessons
a man sitting at a desk writing on a piece of paper next to a plant
We chose an article coming from Venezuela to be our first author article... despite all difficulties, printmaking lives through Edwin García Maldonado! 👏 | printmaking art, printmaking techniques, mokulito printmaking
a person using a pair of pliers to cut out the design on a piece of wood
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Perhaps the best technique to get started in the world of printing techniques. Visit us and get to know the linocut technique. 😉 | printmaking art, printmaking techniques, printmaking lessons, linoleum printmaking
an old man holding a pen in his right hand and writing on the other side
Did you know that Woodcut is the oldest form of printmaking? Please visit our website and see the new content on this topic! ;)