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two young men in native garb standing next to each other with hats on their heads
The boys
Africa | "The boys". Wodaabe men at the Gerewol festivities. Niger | ©Marti Brown
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Niger. Sahara Desert. Tuareg nomad girl with baby camel. Nature, Girl With Baby, Northern Africa, Baby Camel, Animal Babies, Life Styles, Love Quotes For Boyfriend, Sahara Desert, World Photography
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Niger. Sahara Desert. Tuareg nomad girl with baby camel.
a woman wearing a colorful shawl and looking at the camera
girl in Niger
a tree that is sitting on the side of a cliff
River Niger
River Niger
there is a small waterfall in the middle of this river with rocks and trees around it
NIGER: Gurara Waterfall is popular tourist destination in Niger State. Located in north-central geopolitical zone of Nigeria, Niger State was created out of the defunct North Western Nigeria in 1976 and it is divided into twenty five local government areas.
a man carrying a child on his back in the middle of a dirt field with people standing around him
In pictures: West African food crisis
Aid agencies have warned that the drought in West Africa's Sahel region could become a humanitarian disaster. Malnutrition and illnesses are putting at risk the lives of thousands of people in Chad, Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and northern Senegal.
an old piece of cloth hanging on the wall with other items around it and some sort of decoration
Taureg bag, Niger.. I brought one home and have been trying to decide how to display it.
a woman sitting on the ground with a wooden instrument in her hand and wearing a headscarf
Niger, Tribal Music, Tuareg Woman Playing An Imzad. Traditional Instrument Consisting Of A Goatskin Covered Gourd Or Wooden Resonator Played With A Curved Bow And Horsehair String. | SuperStock
Africa | Tuareg woman playing an Imzad. Traditional instrument consisting of a goatskin covered gourd or wooden resonator played with a curved bow and horsehair string. Niger | ©Eye Ubiquitous
an orange desert landscape with mountains and rocks in the foreground, under a cloudy sky
Bloques de mármol emergen entre las dunas en Kogo, R. N. de l´Aïr et du Ténéré - Marble blocks emerge from the dunes in Kogo, R. N. de l´Aïr et du Ténéré (January 2007)
a man standing next to a water pump
In the Nursery
At the well - Niger