Jewish Diaspora

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Arabs of the Jewish Faith: The Civilizing Mission in Colonial Algeria (Jewish Cultures of the World)


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Belgrade Jewish Heritage Tour

Bosnia & Serbia

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Against Silence: Conversations with Young Canadian Jews about Zionism and Israel
New law makes Canadian Jews second-class citizens Canadian Jews are second-class citizens under the Conservative government’s new citizenship law..


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Central Asia

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To be Jewish in China - Oy Vey! | eChinacities.
A photo of a Chinese Jew, from Kaifeng, praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, new relations with the State of Israel have allowed Jews from Kaifeng to explore their Jewish roots in its most holy city.


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Seb rozental
Daniel Emilfork et Tardi. On retrouve parfois un personnage inspiré de la physionomie de Daniel Emilfork dans les BD de Tardi notamment dans "Adele Blanc Sec".


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The Youth Of Cuba's Tiny Jewish Minority : The Picture Show : NPR
Photographs of the Last Jews of Cuba - The Atlantic
Before Castro’s revolution, there were roughly 15,000 Jews living on the island. Today, there are just about 1,500.


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Jewish Bratislava | Visit Bratislava
Jewish Bratislava | Visit Bratislava

Czechia & Slovakia

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Rich, fruity, spicy & delicious, each of these buns sports a magnificent Magen David on its golden, shiny top. Enjoy them warm, cold or toasted. (Parve) #jewish #hanukkah #chanukah #purim #baked
The Full Jewish Breakfast | Family-Friends-Food


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The Jews (Falasha) of northwestern Ethiopia are a unique example of a Jewish group living within an ancient, non-Western, predominantly Christian society. Hagar Salamon presents the first in-depth study of this group, called the "Hyena people" by their non-Jewish neighbors. Based on more than 100 interviews with Ethiopian immigrants now living in Israel, Salamon's book explores the Ethiopia within as seen through the lens of individual memories and expressed through ongoing dialogues. It is an ethnography of the fantasies and fears that divide groups and, in particular, Jews and non-Jews. Recurring patterns can be seen in Salamon's interviews, which thematically touch on religious disputations, purity and impurity, the concept of blood, slavery and conversion, supernatural powers, and the

East Africa

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Egypts Jews: A dwindling flock | The Economist
A Bittersweet Homecoming for Egypts Jews - The New York Times
Egyptian Jews:Yakoub Sanou known as Abou Naddara, established the first theater in Egypt in 1870 and presented around 26 plays. He issued the magazine ‘Abou Naddara’.


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French jews for Palestine


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Marx1867 - Karl Marx – Wikipedia
Karl Marx | Карл Маркс, 1875 - Olga

Germany & Austria

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Jews of Greece.  From collection at Yad Vashem
Greek Jewish food


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Map showing the percentage of Jews in the Pale of Settlement and Congress Poland, c. 1905
The Diaspora refers to the dispersion of the Jews and Israelites out of their homeland. The Jewish Diaspora had begun long before the Romans had even dreamed of Judaea. Hebrew history would only be the history  of the Diaspora as the Jews and their world view spread over Africa, Asia, and Europe. With Marzipan as the food of Diaspora day, Marzipan symbolizes the rich diversity of Jewish life, wherever it is lived.


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40 minutes | Stephen Kapos is an 87-year-old Holocaust survivor from Budapest, and here he tells me about the horrors he survived - and why Israel is committing genocide in Gaza. He's such an inspiring voice...
A Walking Tour of Budapest’s Jewish Quarter


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The Jews of India: A Tale of Three Cities -
Magen Hassidim Sanctuary


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Synagogue door, Iran
The Jews of Iran
The Jews of Iran


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Jewish family in Baghdad, 1910. Family portrait of Iraqi Jews.
Iraq's Last Jews is a collection of first-person accounts by Jews about their lives in Iraq's once-vibrant, 2500 year-old Jewish community and about the disappearance of that community in the middle of the 20th century. This book tells the story of this last generation of Iraqi Jews, who both reminisce about their birth country and describe the persecution that drove them out, the result of Nazi influences, growing Arab nationalism, and anger over the creation of the State of Israel. | Iraq's Last Jews par T. Morad, Couverture souple | Indigo Chapters
History of the Jews in Iraq - Wikiwand


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