Apple fritters

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a slice of cake with pastel colors and gold sprinkles
Easter Kool Aid Pie - My Incredible Recipes
3h 20m
a pile of doughnuts sitting on top of a white plate
Jamaican Fried Dumpling
Jamaican Fried Dumpling - The Seasoned Skillet
there is a pie with white frosting on it
What a fab recipe! My niece is always the first to grab one when these are on the kitchen table. Needless to say, it's a hit
there is a cake with white frosting and nuts on the top that has been cut in half
Hummingbird Cake
There’s something magical about the combination of bananas, coconut, and pineapple. Throw in warm spices and the crunch of buttery pecans and you have a slice of heaven
a piece of lemon cheesecake on a white plate with a red and white background
No Bake Lemon Cheesecake (Woolworth's Recipe)
Simple, no bake lemon cheesecake like the one sold at Woolworth's lunch counters in the 1960s. Creamy and sweet with lots of lemon flavor. Great recipe for beginners
8h 5m
an advertisement for a pineapple dream cheesecake
Pineapple Dream Cheesecake - No-Bake - Quick and Easy - Crowd Favorite.