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the words you need 5 daily wins written in black ink on a pink background with white writing
3 daily wins!
Did you have 3 daily wins today? #selfmotivation #inspiration #makepeoplematter #womeninbusiness #businesscoach #dailymotivationalquotes
a black and white photo with the words, your national intelligence and institution will defend everyone who can't run game on you
a living man will never be able to handle an honest woman quote by unknown author
a quote that says you don't have to seek refuge rotten fruit will fall by itself
a quote that reads nobody hustles harder than a woman who had to tramatically learn that she can't rely
a black and white photo with the words, my side of the story doesn't matter
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two people with their faces in the shape of a heart, one holding another's head
“Emotional Contagion” Is A Phenomenon
Studies claim that positive social interactions can bring about “emotional contagion” between individuals resulting in behavioral synchrony. It is a physiological and neurological phenomenon triggered by facial expressions, indirect human interactions, or by observing other people's behavior. #facts #factcheck #factsdaily #humanpsychology #psychology #brainscience #mentalhealthsupport **Study link in post
two people sitting at a table with flowers in front of them and the words,'psychic
When We Are In A Loving Relationship, Our Brains Experience A Loaded Release Of Oxytocin & Dopamine