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a large red bridge spanning over a body of water
Ponte de 25 Abril
a black and white drawing of a woman with her arms out in the air,
a drawing of a naked woman with the sun in the background
an orange background with a disco ball in the shape of a dog on it's face
a hand holding a wine glass with two women in bathing suits floating above it and the sky
a man standing in the desert looking at a glass of beer that is floating above him
Heinz Fehling. Beer. 1962
https://flic.kr/p/bE58Mr | Heinz Fehling. Beer. 1962
a man laying on top of a glass filled with liquid
Estilo Europeu Ilustração Cerveja Festival Cerveja PNG , Mergulho, Simples, Fresco Ilustração Imagem em Pngtree, Royalty Free
#cocktailhour #happyhour #illustrationart Feminist Art, Female Art, Print, Poster, Tekenen
a painting of a woman in the snow holding a glass of wine and looking up into the sky
Cloud Bubble Bath
Watercolor illustration art #funnyillustrations #illustrationartist #weekendvibe #weekendmood
a painting of a woman diving into a martini
a woman in a red dress is holding a cocktail and some other people are on the beach