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an old man with a blue turban on his head
An old man is twice a child.. by Jagjit Singh / 500px
Sikh from the Punjab, India the color BLUE is exquisite...
an african woman with many necklaces on her neck and headdress, looking at the camera
Photographer Mario Gerth
Safari Fusion blog | Photographer Mario Gerth | African photographic portraits | Tribes of the Omo Valley Ethiopia © Mario Gerth
Mongolian woman in traditional clothes
Mongolian woman in traditional clothes
a woman with white dots painted on her face holding her hands to her face and covering her eyes
National Geographic Travel Photo Contest Winners
Young Suri tribal girl.The Suri are an ethnic minority tribe that live in South West Ethiopia.
two men with painted faces and headdresses sitting next to each other
Fogo . . . inimigo implacável
Amazon, South America. The Amazon River Basin is home to the largest rainforest on earth. The basin, roughly the size of the forty-eight contiguous United States, covers some 40% of the South American continent and includes part of eight South American countries including Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, and Suriname, as well as French Guiana, a department of France.
a native american man wearing an elaborate headdress with feathers on his face and nose
Mayan warrior
some people are standing in front of some red dresses and headdress, with one person looking at the camera
an old man with orange hair and beard wearing white paint on his face is standing in front of a concrete wall
Weathering the Elements
Rajasthan, India - Steve McCurry