shisha bar

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an indoor dining area with tables and chairs, potted plants and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling
Restaurant design
a dimly lit bar with chairs and tables in front of the bar area, illuminated by dim lighting
Sinner bar | Kyiv, Ukraine
Sinner bar | Kyiv, Ukraine on Behance
a dimly lit room with modern furniture and lighting
a dimly lit bar with stools in the foreground and neon lights on the wall
a dimly lit room with couches and tables in the center, surrounded by lights
Sinner bar | Kyiv, Ukraine
a living room filled with furniture and neon lights
an empty restaurant with many chairs and lights hanging from the ceiling above it, along with paintings on the walls
Himitsu Lounge
the interior of a restaurant with black and gold decor, including two birdcages
the bar has three stools at one end, and there is a wall with red eyes on it
25hours Hotel One Central Dubai | Nulty | Lighting Designers