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Endless bedroom decor inspiration with our curated collection! From cozy bedding to stylish furniture and chic accessories, find ideas to transform your bedroom…
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Bali Square Cushion - Olive by Riva Home - Fy
Tiger Pink Woven Throw by Camille Gressier Textiles - Fy
Tufted Slub Throw - Black by Casa Amarosa UK - Fy


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Find What You Love Art Print by Cai & jo - Fy
Thatch Palm by Fy! Plants - Fy
Autumn Psicodelia Art Print by Matchbox Prints - Fy


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Cool Shapes Woven Throw by Mambo Textiles - Fy
Highland Cow On The Farm Art Print by Chelsea Victoria Photography - Fy
Abol Art Print by Addillum - Fy


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The Beatles Drinking Tea Art Print by Carissa Tanton - Fy
Wink Face Cushion by Mambo - Fy
Portrait With Blue Shadow Art Print by Ángel Hernández - Fy


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Fez Rug by AFKliving - Fy
Embrace 1 Art Print by Studio Inuat - Fy
Figuratone Art Print by Peytil - Fy


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Legs Art Print by Mambo - Fy
Coffee Break Art Print by Helena Megson Designs - Fy
Cicada Party Woven Throw by Dansargo Textiles - Fy


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two dogs laying on top of a bed next to each other in a room with white walls
Cozy Gallery Wall
Lazy Sundays are made for sinking into a sea of cozy pillows, lost in the mesmerizing beauty of your bedroom gallery wall. 🌟✨ Make time to appreciate the artistry you've created, and don't forget to tag us in your stunning snapshots! 😍💕 Link in Bio to Shop 👆 📸 @gofrenchyourself . . . . . #artprints #homedecor #fyshop #iamfy
a bed room with a neatly made bed and some plants
Pure Bliss!
Pure Bliss 🌞 How gorgeous isn't this bedroom with the soft colours & sunshine. The Art finishes the space off perfectly 😍 Link in Bio to Shop 👆 📸 @alexandralouisewu . . . . . #artprints #homedecor #fyshop #iamfy
a bed with colorful pillows on top of it and pictures above the bedspread
Friday, im inlove!
Friday, I'm in love! We're also in love with this bright bedroom decor, swipe to see a surprise! Link in Bio to Shop 👆 📸 @picsfromcandice . . . . . #artprints #homedecor #fyshop #iamfy
a bedroom with a canopy bed and colorful pillows on it's sides, surrounded by flowers
Tropical Haven
A Tropical Haven all year round in this bright and beautiful bedroom.🌴 Link in Bio to Shop 👆 📸 @tropicali_haven . . . . . #artprints #homedecor #fyshop #iamfy
a bedroom with green wallpaper and white bedding, two framed pictures on the wall
The Alps
We love seeing our art featured in interior spaces, where briefs come to life! @white_label_interiors hit the mark with this Airbnb 🗻 Create your own version of the Alps at home. Link in Bio to Shop 👆 📸 @white_label_interiors . . . . . #artprints #homedecor #fyshop #iamfy
The Pretty things
Adding a touch of beauty to your day! ✨✨✨ Discover the prettiest things in our store and bring them into your space. From delicate decor to vibrant accents, we've got everything you need to create a picture-perfect atmosphere. 🖼️ Link in Bio to Shop 👆 📸 @my.bohemian.nest . . . . . #iamfy #fy #homedecor #reels #fyshop
a bedroom decorated in pink and green with a cat on the headboard next to a bed
Dreamy Sanctuary
Welcome to your dreamy sanctuary 🌈✨ Discover how art prints can add that perfect pop of personality to your space. Create your dream colourful bedroom! 💕🛏️ Link in Bio to Shop 👆 📸 @kate_rose_morgan . . . . . #artprints #homedecor #fyshop #iamfy
there are pictures on the wall above the bed
Dreamy Gallery Wall
Dreamy bedroom interiors & Sun kissed Gallery Walls! Curate your perfect bedroom Gallery this spring.🤩 Link in Bio to Shop 👆 📸 @my.bohemian.nest . . . . . #artprints #homedecor #fyshop #iamfy
Namastay in bed
Any plans this weekend? 😉 It's also okay to have no plans 😂 Link in Bio to Shop 👆 📸 @leaveyourmarkathome . . . . . #iamfy #fy #homedecor #reels #fyshop
Sun Kissed
🌞 Bring the sun inside!🌼✨ Add a touch of warmth and nature to your walls. 🌿🖼️ Whether you adore plants or simply want to capture those summer vibes, fill your space with uplifting energy. Link in Bio to Shop 👆 📸 @my.bohemian.nest . . . . . #iamfy #fy #homedecor #reels #fyshop
a bedroom decorated in pink, green and blue with palm leaves on the bedding
Patterns & Prints
Mixing Patterns & Prints perfectly might seem daunting, but getting it right is so rewarding! 😍 Link in Bio to Shop 👆 📸 . . . . . #artprints #homedecor #fyshop
a bedroom with an animal print comforter and orange pillows on the bed, along with potted plants
Can you feel it?
Can you feel the warmth on your skin? The sun is playing hide and seek, giving us a sneak peek of the delightful season ahead. Spring, you're finally giving us a wink! ☀️🌸 Link in Bio to Shop 👆 📸 @my_littlewood_home . . . . . #artprints #homedecor #fyshop
Before & After
Quick and cute #beforeandafter via @my.interior.tales Shop Now! 👉 . . . . . #iamfy #fy #homedecor #reels #quotes
a bedroom with a bed, basket and painting on the wall
Winter Morning Art Print
Winter Morning Wall Art Print | Free Shipping | Fy
a black and white cat laying on top of a bed next to a wooden table
Hello, Nice Bum! 😂
Saturday morning mood via @my.interior.tales Shop Now! 👉 . . . . . #iamfy #artprints #homedecor #fyshop