Our beautiful Portugal

an old building with blue and orange paint on the walls, trees and bushes around it
Palace in Lisbon
Lisbon (and Portugal, in general as well) offers so many outstanding venues. Our team can help you create a memorable party surrounded by the most beautiful views at a one of a kind venue. Garden wedding Palace in Lisbon White Blue Portuguese tiles Outdoor wedding Destination wedding
an ocean view with houses on the cliff
Azenhas do Mar, Sintra
Sintra might probably be one of the most beautiful places on earth. This photo is from Azenhas do Mar, a charming, picturesque village nestled in the cliffs over the Atlantic Ocean⁠. I was lucky to grow up in Sintra and live in this serene haven where wondrous landscapes extend out to an oceanic horizon, looking like a blue painting. Intimate beach in Sintra with the best sea food restaurant
trees and shrubs line the side of a hill overlooking a body of water with mountains in the background
Douro Valley Vineyards
Time to relax and contemplate nature at its splendor. Life in the Douro Valley is quite amazing.⁠ ⁠ ⁠ destination wedding Six senses douro valley ⁠
the reflection of a large building in water
Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Lisbon Portugal
As Christmas approaches, Lisboetas (Lisbon residents) are enjoying a city without tourists. I have experienced the city’s many evolutions firsthand, but the confinement and post-confinement journey has been wholly unprecedented. I often found myself complaining about the tourist frenzy - Tuk tuks have the ability to annoy me on traffic - but now, the city is ours in a way it has never been (and may never be again), I find it way sad. Wishing a better 2021.
a living room filled with furniture and a chandelier
Best wedding venues
We love beautiful places and we truly love venue hunting. Our tiny country hides gems that will definitely surprise you. Our team will find that suites you best and help you make it special. Love Ivnna✨ @the_wedding_wonderland Palace venue Destination wedding Travel to Portugal
an outdoor swimming pool next to the ocean
Cascais Mirage Hotel Seaside hotel with sea view
Cascais is a premier holiday destination located along the Lisbon coastline. This charming, traditionally Portuguese fishing town, has gradually developed into well know holiday spot. In the past, Cascais was the summer retreat for Portuguese nobility, and today, the town is an elegant fusion of its illustrious heritage, all to be discovered by the modern wanderer. This picturesque villa is our Portuguese Riviera! Missing our seaside weddings right now! destination wedding beach wedding
pink and white flowers with green leaves in the foreground
Pink hydrangeas at Azores islands
Have you been to the Azores islands? Among the Portugueses, hydrangeas is, by far, the most recognized symbol of the region. On these islands you can find countless colors, shapes, and sizes of these beautiful flowers. It is hard to say which island has more hydrangeas as the highways and country roads are lined with these flowers. Wedding flowers pink hydrangeas Azores, Portugal
white buildings with red roofs in the city
Beautiful Lisboa/Lisbon
Lisbon and it's colorful houses, narrow streets filled with cosy wine bars, and incredible ocean views, might just be the perfect place for your destination wedding. ⁠ ⁠ We assure you, after spending a few hours in our picturesque city, it's impossible not to get swept up in it's whimsical charm. Visit Lisboa/Lisbon, Portugal