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an array of different colored eggs on a wooden table next to some fruit and vegetables
How to dye Easter eggs naturally using beets, orange peels, spices...
Dye Easter Eggs naturally | Stefan Berger
a letter made out of seashells and shells
Nikki Fewings | Cornish Coastal Art on Instagram: "W H A T A W H A L I E F ! My puns are getting worse aren’t they 🤣 A very lovely client has just been to pick up not one, not two, not three but FOUR pieces of artwork and this is one of them. The middle one of a triptych, this whale fluke is made up of Nadine’s own beach treasures, collected on various holidays that hold special memories for her. It’s not very often I’m with the client when they see their art for the first time, so this wa
there are three flowers that have been made out of beaded wire and beads on them
15+ Creative Paper Crafts to Brighten Your Day | Fun DIY Ideas
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someone is painting seashells on a piece of white paper with red paint and a brush
Print bed sheets with seashells for easy beach summer vibes!