Do you know what the best hangover remedy is? To drink healthy mocktails instead, and avoid the hangover altogether! These are healthy party drinks that will be…
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two cranberry fizz cocktails sitting next to each other
Cranberry FIzz Mocktail Recipe | Thistlewood Farms
Cranberry FIzz Mocktail Recipe | Thistlewood Farms
easy mango mocko cocktail with mint and lime in glasses on a marble counter top
Easy Mango Mocktail with Mint and Lime (Drinks)
Delicious, fresh, non-drinker mango mocktail recipe that tastes absolutely divine! Learn how to make this refreshing virgin mango and mint mocktail that will be a great addition to non-drinker parties!
a glass filled with lemonade and ginger
Homemade Honey Infused Rhubarb Simple Syrup
Rhubarb Basil Ginger Mocktail
sangria cocktail recipe with red wine and apple slices
Non Alcoholic Sangria Recipe (Drinks)
Looking for a delicious virgin sangria recipe? This non-alcoholic sangria recipe is perfect for a crowd or as a special Christmas eve treat for those who don't drink!
two glasses filled with lemonade and garnish next to flowers on a marble surface
Easy Guava Mocktails With Lemon
Are you looking for an easy mocktail recipe with fruit? This guava mocktail recipe will knock your socks off! This pink mocktail recipe is the perfect baby shower beverage idea, or enjoy it tonight to make any evening special
blackberry mocko cocktail in a glass with limes on the side and blackberries
Virgin Blackberry Cocktail Recipe
This nonalcoholic blackberry fizz recipe is a fantastic summer mocktail recipe that will leave you feeling great! Enjoy this easy mocktail recipe with fruit alone or make it for a crowd!
grapefruit and thyme cocktail with text overlay
Virgin Grapefruit Cocktail Recipe
If you’re living a non-alcoholic lifestyle, then you will love this non-alcoholic grapefruit mocktail! This grapefruit thyme drink is a perfect summer mocktail recipe.
two champagne flutes with oranges in the background and a bottle of mimosa
Easy Mimosa Recipe Non Alcoholic
Are all the Dry July recipes online inspiring you to try to drink less alcohol? Swap alcohol for this healthy mocktail idea: the best virgin mimosa recipe! This healthy mimosa mocktail recipe is perfect for a sober brunch, or consider this as your baby shower beverage!
an alcoholic margarita with limes on the side and text that reads alcohol free margaritas
Best Virgin Frozen Margarita Recipe
Looking for an easy frozen virgin margarita blender recipe? It doesn't get any easier than this! Or healthier - this is a healthy frozen margarita recipe that will leave you feeling refreshed. Make this as one of your Dry July recipes, or just to cheers the weekend