Beautiful Mocktails

The beautiful alcoholic drink trend isn't reserved for just alcoholic beverages! You can make mocktails beautiful, too. Enjoy these creative drink inspiration…
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a hand holding an ice sphere with flowers on it and the words thye flower ice spheres
Decorative Ice Cube Ideas: Flowers And Herbs
Have you ever wondered how to make decorative ice cubes? It’s actually so simple! You will have even more beautiful mocktails with this floral ice cube DIY. Not to mention that this one of the best zero waste party ideas.
an easy, healthy dragonfruit mango cocktail just blend and serve
Easy Dragonfruit Mocktail Recipe | Dragonfruit Mango Smoothie Frozen - The Mindful Mocktail
This beautiful easy dragonfruit mocktail is an ideal virgin drink to serve for 1 or a crowd. It can double as a dragonfruit and mango smoothie too, which makes it the perfect mocktail for kids! Simple blend and serve, and this simple nonalcohlic cocktail will be ready in minutes. Cheers!
Rose Lemonade Recipe | Pink Lemonade Recipe - The Mindful Mocktail
Are you looking for an easy mocktail recipe for baby showers and special occasions? This pink lemonade is a non-alcoholic cocktail that is perfect for summer and spring. Learn how to make this rose lemonade recipe with an easy to follow video. #mocktails #nonalcoholicocktail #pinklemonade
ice cubes with flowers in them and text overlay that reads easy ice cube flowers
Simple Drink Garnish Idea: Easy Ice Cube Flowers
Decorative ice cubes with flowers are easy but make a big splash (pun intended)! They bring the perfect summer aesthetic to your glass and are the ideal garnish for summer virgin cocktails. Additionally, this is a beautiful baby shower beverage idea, as well as taking an eco-friendly summer party beverage to the next level
three glasses filled with red alcohol and topped with cranberry sauce, garnished with christmas greenery
Easy Virgin Cosmopolitan Mocktail Recipe
This easy virgin cosmopolitan is the perfect mocktail for the holidays. It's non-alcoholic, healthy and delicious, which makes it the perfect virgin drink for pregnancy and kids. Enjoy during the Christmas holidays, or any time you feel like an alcohol free day.
blueberry mocko cocktail in a glass with limes and lemon wedges on the side
Easy Mocktail Recipe With Blueberry, Lime and Mint - The Mindful Mocktail
Are you looking for an easy mocktail recipe that is great for pregnancy? This non-alcoholic cocktail is healthy and can be made for one or a crowd. Use the easy to follow mocktail recipe video to make it at home! #mocktails #blueberrydrink #nonalcoholic
strawberry basil sparkling cocktail in less than 5 minutes with limes and strawberries on the side
Strawberry Mocktail Recipe with Basil and Lime - Easy and Healthy
Are you looking for a non-alcoholic cocktail that is perfect for Christmas or Thanksgiving? This alcohol-free mocktail is easy to make for one or a crowd. Learn how to make this simple strawberry mocktail that is healthy and delicious, perfect for pregnancy or your sobriety. #mocktails #drinknonalcoholic #strawberrymocktail
Lavender Lemonade Mocktail Recipe | Lavender Drink Non-Alcoholic - The Mindful Mocktail
Are you looking for a lavender lemonade recipe? Perfect for summer, this simple mocktail is perfect for one or a crowd. This lavender drink is a non-alcoholic cocktail that is pretty and easy to make. Learn how to make this alcohol-free spring drink recipe with this lavender lemonade video. #mocktails #lavender #springdrink
three glasses filled with drinks and cucumber garnish on the rims
How to throw the ultimate galentine’s day party
This Jalapeño Grapefruit mocktail is a fantastic way to spice up the party. #moctail #drinkrecipes #drinks
the blackberry lavender champagne is being served in wine glasses
Blackberry Lavender Champagne Cocktail
This BlackBerry Lavendar Champagne Cocktail gets a unique twist with a simple blackberry and lavender sauce that is super easy but looks stunning! Perfect for entertaining with delicious real ingredients.
the four ingredient grapefruit martini is garnished with blue and pink flowers
Grapefruit MartiNO Mocktail | The Mindful Mocktail
Looking for a grapefruit mocktail recipe that is easy and delicious? Check out this non-alcoholic grapefruit drinks recipe and video. Learn how to make the perfect non-alcoholic cocktails with grapefruit and rosemary. #grapefruitdrink #nonalcoholiccocktails #mocktails
a close up of a drink in a glass on a plate with limes and flowers
A Pineapple Mango Rum Punch Recipe Almost too Pretty to Drink
three glasses filled with lemonade and mint mojits on top of a wooden cutting board
Virgin Mojito Recipe | Non Alcoholic Mojito Recipe - The Mindful Mocktail
Are you looking for a non-alcoholic cocktail recipe for summer? This virgin mojito recipe with mint is a perfect alcohol-free recipe for kids and your sobriety. Learn how to make this classic summer drink non-alcoholic with this virgin mojito recipe video. This mocktail is non-alcoholic, easy and includes some beautiful virgin mojito recipe photography #nonalcoholicdrinks #mocktails #mintmojito