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Purple carrot harvest from a backyard farm, homegrown and organic. Sweet, Purple Carrot, Carrot, Growing Food, Carrot Colour, Harvest, Growing, Grow Your Own Food, Orange
Purple Carrots - have you tried them?
Purple carrots are strikingly beautiful, and hold their deep color even when cooked. They taste very similar to your standard orange carrots, but some varieties aren't as sweet. Try growing some unique carrot colors in your garden this year! Just wait until you're showing off your rainbow harvest.
a garden filled with lots of green plants next to a wooden bench on top of a field
This is our kind of #gardenparty... All of the guests are still looking sharp and on best behavior. Give it a few more weeks and we’ll be asking a few of the unruly ones to politely leave 🥳🕺🏻💃🏻🥴 #kitchengarden #backyardfarmHQ #ridgetopgarden
some plants are growing in the soil on top of a wooden box and surrounded by greenery
Before... and one week later! This “salad bar” is growing fast, and the garden includes another whole bed of greens to complement it, plus a hot bed and an herb bed. Compartmentalizing crops based on how many hours of sun each area gets ☀️ This raised planter will eventually be faced with thin wood slats by @skornickadesigns. Check out our story to see more!
a hand holding an onion and green beans
Red with bright violet undertones, layers like a well aged red wine... Recently started making quick pickled red onions to add to daily salads, and haven’t looked back since! Recipe in stories.
some very pretty flowers in a big field
Always in awe of bee’s, and the partnership dance between gardeners and pollinators, twirling around each other day after day, blossom after blossom, co-creating food with the flutter of wings.
several wooden planters filled with vegetables on top of a dirt ground next to trees
Earning morning clouds above our HQ garden 🌻
a hand holding a cucumber in the middle of a garden
Costata Romanesco zucchini squash, an Italian heirloom variety, packs more flavor (and color) than your typical zucchini!
an outdoor garden with various plants and flowers
It’s beginning to look a bit like summer in this side yard garden!
a person holding up some green leaves
Sage bundles ready for drying 🌿 Perennial herbs like sage, thyme, mint, and oregano benefit from being pruned back, it encourages fresh new growth and keeps them from developing long woody stems. We find it’s best to prune back 1/2 or 1/3 of the plant at a time, ensuring it will have enough energy to grow back strong, and also always keeping some fresh for when you need a sprig!
an outdoor garden with steps leading up to trees and plants in wooden planter boxes
Two week checkup at this new garden, just keeps getting lovelier and lovelier.
a woman kneeling down in front of a garden filled with green leaves and plants,
Our farmer Christiana has put together a tour of her tiny home for @apartmenttherapy, talking about learning to build, gardening in the forest, and prioritizing life outdoors. Thank you @ballinpr and the apartment therapy team!
some red cherries hanging from a tree in front of a building with green leaves
Cherry on top 🍒 completes this backyard garden scene
a bench sitting in the middle of a garden
Physically we’re busy in a different garden today, but mentally we’re sitting on that bench and smelling the wall of star jasmine all along the fence and gazing peacefully at full veggie beds.
a person holding a large orange flower in their left hand on top of a wooden surface
Looking like a sunburst dahlia ☀️
an artichoke is held in front of some lemons and other vegetables on the ground
Finding a moment this weekend to take joy in what the garden grows 🍋