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A showcase of raised bed gardens designed by us - The Backyard Farm Company and Christian Douglas Design! Our farm team maintains these gardens throughout the…
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One month garden transformation, it doesn't take long to start growing your own food!
Difficulty: Difficult Full Raised Bed Instructions in our online class: Farm In Four Weeks! Supplies: • 3'x6' Redwood lumber • 10" Exterior rated lag screws • Galvanized gopher wire • Galvanized staples • 1/2" Polytube irrigation line • 1/4" Drip irrigation line with emitters ever 6" • Irrigation staples Tools: • Saw • Drill/Driver • Clippers
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Did you know squash can be grown vertically? Check out this garden arbor!
Nothing says fall more than winter squash on the vine... try growing those vines vertically next season for a festive look like this! Works with butternut, kabocha and acorn type winter squash, as well as with trombocino summer squash varieties! Learn how to build raised beds like this, and crop plan your plant species like a pro in our online gardening class: Farm In Four Weeks! #gardening #garden #backyardideas #gardendesign #backyarddesign #landscapedesign #squash #arbor #gardenarch
a man standing on top of a roof next to a garden
Raised bed vegetable garden with mesh enclosures and a view!
Check out the wire mesh enclosures custom build over these garden beds to keep the critters out - they work like a charm! Find all our organic Pest Management Solutions in our FREE guide! #raisedbeds #garden #gardenideas #gardenpests #gardencovers #gardendesign
wooden raised beds for vegetable garden Instagram, Ideas, Garden Planters, Kale, Vegetable Garden
Stacked redwood raised bed vegetable garden in Napa!
Want to learn how to build wooden raised bed garden planters just like this? We've included step-by-step assembly instructions in our online gardening class: Farm In Four Weeks! #garden #raisedbeds #woodenbeds #vegetablegarden #gardendesign #backyardideas #landscapedesign #howtobuildraisedbeds #gardenideas
redwood raised bed garden planted with fall vegetables Garden Design, Design, Raised Planter Beds
Raised bed garden design
Stacked redwood raised garden beds are our favorite style! Classic and durable for years to come. Learn how to build raised bed planters like this in our online gardening class - Farm In Four Weeks! #garden #raisedbeds #gardening #gardendesign #backyardideas #landscape
a watering can sitting on top of a wooden deck next to a planter filled with vegetables
Have you ever seen a more cheerful garden? Foliar feeding is a great way to fertilize plants!
At The Backyard Farm Co, we foliar feed our vegetables during the growing season with liquid kelp and fish emulsion as a foliar application - meaning diluted in water and sprinkled over the garden, so the plants can absorb the nutrients through their leaves. This cheerful scene is from our rooftop garden, situated smartly above the detached garage. Ipe raised beds have a clean modern look against the skyline!
the garden is full of green plants and orange flowers
Radishes are one of the easiest, fastest crops you can grow!
Radishes only take around 35 days from seed to harvest, depending on the variety and your climate. For a continuous supply of radishes throughout the spring and fall, we seed new rows every 3 weeks. Nothing better in a garden salad that a crisp fresh bright read radish!
two wooden planters sitting next to each other on top of a gravel field with mountains in the background
Vegetable garden with a view!
These Marin raised beds overlook Mt. Tam and soak in the sunlight. Beautiful clear cedar planter beds line the path of this lower lawn for easy access from the kitchen. What more could you ask for?
a garden filled with lots of different types of plants
Napa Edible Garden Oasis - The Backyard Farm of Your Dreams!
These geometric raised planter beds frame in a water fountain in the center of the garden, and provide an abundance of fresh food year round. We plant white sweet alyssum flowers around the edges to attract beneificial insects and a flowey touch.
several wooden raised garden beds with plants growing in them and foggy sky behind the trees
Rainy Forest Garden
Rough-milled wooden garden beds tucked away in the forest and brimming with winter veggies such as broccoli, kale, collard greens, green onions, carrots, chard, leeks, garlic, and even more! You can grow a lot in just a few beds, and raised beds like this are easy to build on a budget.