Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (black)
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the words yeah yeah are in different colors
Yeah Yeah Yeahs 3 by oneskillwonder
an open book with three different colored pages on the cover, in front of a transparent background
Fortune Teller with CMYK Colors by Appler
an abstract background with different colored triangles
CMYK by 5eth
the geekk logo is shown in black, white and rainbow colors on a striped background
Design Geek (CMYK) by BrandiSea
an image of a colorful flower design
four different colored drops are shown in this image
CMYK Ink Drops
an image of a camera on a multicolored background
CMYK Shooter by metronomad
the cmyk logo with four different colors
four different colored spray cans are lined up
CMYK Pantone Cans by Nico 189
an ink brush painted in different colors on a white background royalty images and clippings
CMYK Grunge Smears by Artishokcs
an abstract background with black and yellow dots on white, blue and pink colors royalty illustration
Abstract CMYK Background by Mihaly Pal Fazakas
the color code for magenta yellow and cyan
CMYK ID by CMYKlovers (2008)
an abstract geometric pattern with different colors and shapes royalty illustration on white background stock illustration
Intersecting CMYK Ribbons by Laralova [Dreamstime]
three pairs of sunglasses with different colors
CMYK style
the cmykk logo is multicolored and has a rainbow in it's center
CMYK Rainbow