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☀️今日はとてもいい天気です。しかし、辛い花粉症の季節です。私は引きこもりでチクチク刺し子。 . . #刺し子 #刺し子ふきん #花ふきん #柿の花 . #53歳 #50代 #50代主婦のひとりごと #日々のこと #日日是好日


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two vases sitting on top of a table with the words how to paint glass vases
How To Paint Glass Vases - Salvaged Inspirations
a stone sculpture with a video player on it's face in front of a white wall
two hands are working on a piece of wood with a large circle in the middle
hands holding dirt and soil with the words como hacer sustrato para sucuentas
Cómo hacer sustrato para suculentas | Atípicas Suculentas
Cómo hacer sustrato para suculentas | Atípicas Suculentas
a rock covered in moss with the words how to make hypertufa look old
How to Make Hypertufa Look Old; weathering and aging techniques
there are many potted plants lined up on the wall
Everything You Need to Know About Making a Hypertufa Trough
Making a Hypertufa Trough
a man kneeling down next to some large balls
DIY Garden Orbs and Spheres: How to Create Stunning Outdoor Decorations on a Budget - Casa Refined
a hand holding a paintbrush over a large stone planter that is being used as a fountain
DIY Faux Stone Planters - Jenna Sue Design
Sewing, Sewing Bag, Cloth Bags, Fabric Bag, Taschen, Fabric Bags, Handarbeit
植物誌 - 2015年11月
a person holding several different types of breads in their hands on a wooden table
Aprenda fazer tijolos de gesso coloridos, para decorar sua casa e quem sabe até de clientes que irão surgir!