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an anchor chart with words and pictures to help students learn how to read the text
A Visual Tool for Education
Captivate your students attention with anchor charts! Maximizing your students learning potential with a visual tool. So, let’s take a look at anchor charts and explore their purpose, benefits, and diverse applications across subjects and grade levels.
Self portraits of kids relaxing on their favorite summer floaties created with our summer self portrait drawing guide! First Grade Drawing Lesson, Year 2 Art Projects, 3rd Grade All About Me, Art Projects 4th Grade, Easy Art Lessons Elementary, Summer Elementary Art Projects, Fourth Grade Art, Summer Art Projects For Kids Elementary, End Of Year Art Projects For Elementary
Summer Self Portrait Drawing Lesson for Kids
Kids can't wait for summer? Bring the sunshine into your art lessons with our easy-to-follow guide on drawing yourself living your best life in your favorite warm-weather settings!
Here are 5 different types of visual schedules you can implement in your classroom or for indiviual students to help them succeed! Implementing visual scheduled in my special education classroom was a pivotal moment for us and made such a difference for my students! Self Contained Classroom, Teacher Help, Daycare, Special Education Classroom, Special Education Elementary, Special Education Teacher, Educational Tools, Student Travel, Adapted Teaching
5 Types of Visual Schedules
Here are 5 different types of visual schedules you can implement in your classroom or for indiviual students to help them succeed! Implementing visual scheduled in my special education classroom was a pivotal moment for us and made such a difference for my students!
an image of a book and toys on a table with the title, instilling independence in the special education classroom
Instilling Independence in the Special Education Classroom
While there is not one-size-fits-all routine for instilling independence, these are just a few tricks I have learned over the last few years. As students acquired these independent skills, I was able to scale back a bit! After months of practice, many of my students now control their own token boards at the independent work station, earning a token for each completed task.
the ultimate guide to hanging student art on the wall in an art room or classroom
Ultimate Guide to Hanging Student Art
apples unit for the 4 week lesson plan with four different pictures and text on it
Learning All About Apples with the Made For Me Literacy Curriculum - Teaching Special Thinkers
Apples is such a fun theme for the fall! 4 weeks of Made For Me Literacy lesson plans DONE for you. These cross-curricular literacy units come with a calendar overview curriculum map and all the materials you need for the month for your prek kinder or sped classroom. They include read alouds with comprehension, vocabulary, centers, digital activities, no prep printables, anchor charts, crafts, snack ideas, and sensory bin recipes.
a pile of different colored papers and pens on top of a table with the title tips for efficient data collection in the classroom
Tips for Efficient Data Collection in the Classroom
Here are just a few of my favorite data collection tricks! It can be a challenge sometimes to keep track of everything, I am still learning/seeing new efficient methods every day but hopefully these can help you as well! How do you data? What helps you stay organized? What kinds of data sheets do you find useful in your classroom?
a poster with the words we make teaching early education so much easier click to learn how
How We Make Teaching Easier | Made For Me Literacy
Unlock a world of inclusive education with Made For Me Literacy! Dive into meticulously designed monthly-themed reading units that cater to special learners, spanning multiple subjects. Empower your students with engaging resources that nurture their reading, writing, math, science, and fine motor skills.
the ultimate guide to setting up your art room
The Ultimate Art Room Reveal
Step into my art room transformation and discover the secrets to creating an inspiring, organized, and inviting space for you and your students to thrive in!
a person holding up a muffin tin with the words friends and kindness on it
Friendship & Kindness Activities
Promote friendship and kindness in your classroom all year long and through the summer months! Here are a few of my favorite activities that promote friendship and kindness.
a woman wearing glasses with the text how to effectively use visual in the classroom and easy tips to get started
Using Visuals to Manage Behaviors in the Classroom
As adaptive skills increase, challenging behaviors typically decrease. Made For Me Literacy visual supports help to develop student understanding, flexibility and independence. Dana Howell of Behavior Intervention and Solutions helps teachers understand the different formats and types of visual supports they can implement in their classroom. #visualsupports #specialeducationclassroom #teachertips
there are many different activities to do with the kids in this class, including learning about life skills
Teaching Functional Life Skills in Special Education - Teaching Special Thinkers
Do you teach life skills in your special education classroom? We used our instructional kitchen to work on basic functional life skills like putting away groceries, sorting silverware, and folding hand towels. These types of centers are such a perfect addition to your academic curriculum.
the printable math lessons for the full year are great for kids to learn numbers
Low-Prep Math Lessons for the Full Year
Enjoy these giant units focused on colors, numbers 0-5, numbers 0-10, sorting and classifying, patterns, positional words, comparing numbers, shapes, addition, subtraction, and non-standard measurement. They include everything you need to carry out interactive, engaging math activities with your students.
how to find the visual schedule that works for your students with text overlays
Customizing Visual Schedules in the Classroom
Does the thought of visual schedules make your head spin? Are you tired of finding stray PECs scattered about the room? Then Especially Education's Visual Schedule Flip Book and Token Board may be your solution! This post will walk you through the ins and outs of this visual schedule, providing tips and adaptations to meet the needs of every single student in your classroom!