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Carola kastman
The spirit between dreams & joy
an art work with black and white squares on the wall
Carola kastman
Lust & fägring stor. Series of 84
an open book with leaves and plants on it
Art journal pages for inspiration, ideas, and technique. Keeping a scrapbook, travel journal, or sketchbook
an abstract painting with blue, orange and pink colors on it's paper backing
Inga Dalrymple
the art room plant: Inga Dalrymple
an open book with different colored images on the pages and one is black, white, orange, yellow and red
an abstract painting with black, orange and green colors
Barbara Rae sketchbooks to inspire - Alice Sheridan: contemporary artist
Barbara Rae sketchbooks to inspire
an open book that is sitting on a table in front of a white wall with orange and black designs
Sketchbook pages by Jean Davey Winter // sketchbook