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someone is holding up a plastic container with glitter on the top and bottom, in front of some bushes
Butterfly Holo Resin Ashtray💜✨
All the rumors are true acrylic tray Glitter Pills, True Money, Future Apartment Decor, Diy Resin Projects, Resin Coaster, Resin Acrylic, Apartment Decor Inspiration
All the Rumors Are True Money ACRYLIC TRAY With Real Pills | Etsy
several pieces of blue and white plastic with black dots on them, surrounded by stars
Turquoise Wave Epoxy Resin Dominoes - Etsy
Turquoise Wave Epoxy Resin Dominoes - Etsy
purple and white ice cubes with glitter on them sitting next to each other in the shape of an x
Tic-Tac-Toe Board Made of Resin!
pink and white dominos laid out on a wooden table with black dots in them
28 handmade dominoes
Let's play! 28 handmade dominoes, to give away or play for yourself. The game pieces in delicate colors are lovingly handcrafted from pink and white epoxy resin. Dimensions of the individual stones: Length: 5cm Width: 2.5cm Height: 0.5cm Please consider that with multiple orders, the articles made of resin can never be 100% identical, which is due to the 100% manual work and also to the different behavior and course of the material. The good thing is that you always have an individual piece :-) If you want other colors or changes, please write to me, I will try to implement your wishes as far as I can.
several pieces of blue and white glass with black dots on them are arranged in a pattern
Turquoise Wave Epoxy Resin Dominoes - Etsy
Turquoise Wave Epoxy Resin Dominoes - Etsy
How to Make a Resin Geode Tray with a Silicone Mold!
🧐 Do you have a silicone tray mold you'd like to make a resin geode with? 🤗 All you need to do is create your design and pour as you would on a canvas, and voila - a gorgeous functional geode just like this beauty by @kunst_work! MEYSPRING Pigments featured: Charcoal Black, White Pearl, Sterling Lining, and Dazzling Diamond