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a poster with instructions to wake up flow
Mental Health, Feeling Lethargic, How To Stop Procrastinating, Self Improvement, Procrastination Quotes, Sleep Deprivation, Adhd Sleep, Improve Sleep, Depression
Revenge Bedtime Procrastination: What It Is and How to Stop It
Health, Wellness, Read Later, Save Yourself, Habits, Understanding, Care, Control, Bedtime
8 Daytime Habits To Save Yourself From Revenge Bedtime Procrastination and Assert Control — Well+Good
Pre baby discussions with my partner: 

Topics we actually discussed: 
baby monitors
breast pumps
car seats
packing a hospital bag
announcing the baby 
newborn photogtapher 
where the baby will sleep

Topics I wish we discussed 
How we deal with sleep deprivation 
Role of grandparents and boundaries
sharing night wakings & feedings 
mental health checks for us both 
non-working down time 
building a support system 
my partners role in daily routine Baby Planning, Newborn Mom, Postpartum
Conversations to have with your partner before your baby arrives
a man and woman holding hands while standing next to two children with the words, a child
How To Get Your Child to Listen the First Time - Word From The Bird - Parenting