Vamos A La Playa

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a beach with waves and mountains in the background that says vamos al la playa
Vamos a la playa
a harbor filled with lots of boats floating on top of it's sides under a blue sky
Vigo, a Place That Tastes Like Sea
It is located in the province of Pontevedra, in Galicia. Discover it with your senses, save it in a unique picture and it will invite you to come back!
the buildings are reflected in the still water of the river, while clouds loom overhead
Recife, Brazil's Venice
an aerial view of a church with palm trees surrounding it and the ocean in the background
Recife and Olinda: Siblings Bathed by Atlantic
Sharing geography and hundreds of years of cultural affinities, the neighbours Recife and Olinda bathe their shores in the Atlantic and invite you to dive in.
the city skyline is shown with palm trees and flowers in front of water's edge
Miami Sun
an aerial view of a sandy beach with clear blue water and green trees in the background
What’s So Special About the Beaches in Brazil?
White sand, limpid water, an atmosphere that makes you just want to stop and stay. From north to south, here’s the essential guide for a great time by the sea.
an aerial view of a city next to the ocean with buildings and beach in the foreground
The Glamour of Nice and the French Riviera
One doesn’t simply go to Nice ’s beaches for sunshine — here you can also absorb the historic charming atmosphere of the Côte d’Azur. Welcome to French Riviera!
an aerial view of the beach and ocean in front of some tall buildings with balconies
Discover the TOP 10 beaches of Ceara
Discover the coast of Ceara and all its magnificent beaches. Transparent waters, reddish dunes and the best sunset have place in here.