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a man and woman are playing music together with the words music, art and culture above them
Music, Art & Culture
an ornate building with lots of orange and yellow flowers hanging from it's roof
Party All The Time in Funchal!
The city of Funchal is known for its beautiful landscape. But it’s also packed with typical popular festivities. Come and join the party!
At the beginning or the end of February, Carnival is an essential season in the calendars around the Globe. Pick your destination and celebrate in great style. Venice Italy, Rome, Venice, Rome Tours, Carnival Of Venice, Italy Tours, Carnaval, Trips
Carnival Around The World
At the beginning or the end of February, Carnival is an essential season in the calendars around the Globe. Pick your destination and celebrate in great style.
an ornate building with many windows and balconies on the top floor, in barcelona, spain
The Way of the Eccentric Visionaries in Barcelona
Gaudí, Picasso, Miró and Dalí. Barcelona inspired (at least) four big artists. They expressed their gratitude leaving a trace of art all over. Let’s follow it.
palm trees in front of a city skyline at sunset
Miami: Move ‘Til You Drop
If New York is a “melting pot”, Miami is a “boiling pot”. Founded by a woman and enriched by immigrants, no mix is more vibrant than this one.
a crowd of people at a concert with their hands in the air and lights on
Europe’s Summer Music Festivals
Summer is in full swing! With it come the festivals that make millions of people travel through Europe to see their favourite musicians live!
a large building with a clock on it's face in front of a blue sky
Paris, the Daughter of Enlightenment.
Few cities present such a relevant, broad cultural heritage. When it comes to the love of beauty and fine arts, Paris breaks all records. Shall we travel?
colorfully painted roller coasters on the top of a hill in barcelona, spain
Gaudi's Barcelona and the Cityscape
Art, leisure or shopping? Visit Barcelona and do it all. There are century-old stores and luxury brands, some of the best music festivals in the world, fantasy in Parc Güell and a cable car to the Montjuïc hill. At night, you must go for drinks at the Gothic Square.
an aerial view of a lighthouse on the coast with green grass and blue water in the background
A Coruña: The History Told by the Buildings
From the Roman constructions to the modern buildings, visiting A Coruña is like taking a walk through centuries of history. Ready for some time travel?
people crossing the street in front of tall buildings
Culture Out On the Streets of São Paulo!
Culture is an essential resource in daily life of São Paulo, a city as dynamic as it is crowded (20 million people in the metropolitan area). The stunning supply of cultural events includes many theatres, concert venues, cultural centres and museums — and the city’s energy is on display in events for the masses, such as the Virada Cultural and its extensive program of free shows.
the city is lit up at night with many buildings and lights on it's sides
Madrid from the Streets to the Clubs
Madrid natives are known as gatos (“cats”) and are famous for their night life. Join the Movida, a journey that only ends with the sunrise!