Destinos para dois. // Destinations for two.

Estão à procura de destinos recheados de romance? // Are you looking for destinations that ooze romance?
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two people sitting on top of a balcony next to each other with the words destinations for two above them
Destinations for two
an aerial view of central park and the lake in new york city, ny at sunset
New York City Travel Stories - Lonely Planet
Trinquem a Grande Maçã. // Take a bite of the Big Apple.
an aerial view of the ocean and sand dunes in the distance, taken from above
Uma paisagem que merece ser partilhada em Moçambique. // A landscape that deserves to be shared in Mozambique.
people are walking on the beach in front of some tall buildings and blue sky with white clouds
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Apaixonem-se pelo Rio de Janeiro à beira-mar. // Fall in love with Rio by the sea.
two small boats in the clear blue water near some rocks and palm trees on an island
Enterrem os pés na areia de São Tomé e Príncipe. // Bury your feet in São Tomé e Príncipe's beaches.
a garden with flowers and plants on the ground next to some water in the distance
Jardim Botânico / Botanical Garden
Flores para uma flor — a vossa cara-metade. // Flowers to a flower — your better half.
a red house sitting on top of a lush green hillside next to a body of water
Os Fiordes são sempre uma boa ideia. // The Fjords are always a great idea.
an aerial view of a city with many trees and buildings in the background at sunset
Pinnacle Trips
Passem dias e dias a admirar a beleza de São Petersburgo. // Spend days and days admiring Saint Petersburg's beauty
the table is set for two on the balcony overlooking the roman colliseums
Italy travel - Lonely Planet
Sentem-se à mesa e partilhem o pôr do sol com Roma. // Sit down at the table and share the sunset with Rome.
a dog is standing in the middle of an alleyway with flowers on either side
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Nice — a cidade ideal para momentos com a vossa cara-metade. // Nice — the ideal city to spend special moments with your better half.
many lights are hanging from the ceiling
Hippie Style ♥
Percam-se nos mercados cheios de beleza de Marraquexe. // Get lost in Marrakesh's beautiful markets.
an aerial view of a city at night with lights on the water and boats in the harbor
Porto night view
Brindem ao Porto. // Toast to Porto.
a horse drawn carriage in front of a tall tower
Passeiem de charrete pelas ruas de Sevilha. // Go on a carriage ride through the streets of Seville.
a mountain with clouds in the background and green fields on the foreground, as seen from an overlook point
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Tirem muitas e muitas fotografias ao Pico. // Take loads and loads of pictures of Pico.
an aerial view of a city with snow on the ground
Russia Travel Packages - Planning Outstanding Russia Tours
Lancem bolas de neve com Moscovo como pano de fundo. // Throw snowballs with Moscow as the background.