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the sweater and mittens are laid out on the floor
Sock Elephant. Free pattern & tutorial
Fretta: Sock Elephant. Free pattern & tutorial
an elephant toy sitting on top of a towel next to flowers and a red car
Tutorial: Sock Elephant
This pattern is created by me and therefore it is FREE. For much, much more go to our blog at:
a stuffed mouse wearing a rainbow sweater
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large sock mouse by Treacher Creatures, via Flickr @Mindy Bucci
a knitted elephant sitting on top of a wooden table next to a white wall
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sock elephant - almost as cute as a sock monkey and still very much needed :)
a small toy mouse sitting on top of a green surface
mortimer mouse
I love sock friends!
many different pictures of stuffed animals with hats and scarves on their heads, including an elephant
Wonderful DIY Adorable Sock Elephant
This yellow sock elephant with a personality hat is bright and cute ! Tutorial-->