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several pieces of paper with numbers on them are being held by someone's hand
라이프403 在 Instagram 上发布:“여러 제품 주문하시는 분들은, 선물용이라고 미리 말씀해주시면 제품들 하나하나 나눠서 정성껏 개별포장으로 해드리고 있답니다 :)”
a plastic bag filled with white items on top of a pink background and the words happiness has many grains in it
Papersmiths — Inspo Finds
an array of books with different designs and colors on the covers, all stacked together
44 Amazing Chocolate Branding and Packaging for Quick Inspiration
Macondo Chocolate Co by A-Side Studio packaging design pattern logo
three different views of an open book with the pages folded up and opened to reveal images
Get Well - Health & Pharmacy - Package Inspiration
a composicao das faixas azul e vermelha , estas listas que parece colocadas por cima. no nosso caso nao existe sobreposição mas poderia ser na composição.
several shelves with different types of objects on them
Packaging baby cosmetics Estribor
baby cosmetics Estribor / María de Benito Salazar #Iconika #likes
the cups are designed to look like they have cats on them, and each cup has a cat's head
Toothpaste •• for Kids
Toothpaste packaging for kids. Gorgeous color palette and illustrations, even for adults!
four different types of cell phones sitting next to each other on top of a table
Artist Atelier Bar Soap
Artist Atelier Bar Soap
a piece of newspaper with a chocolate cookie on the plate next to it that has been cut in half
The Cookie | akvile
The Cookie | akvile | VSCO Grid
the instructions for how to make an origami kite
Sjeme / Seed
Seed packaging / Martina Ukic
a series of photos showing different types of objects in the process of being drawn on paper
Mr. Milkas, Package © Екатерина Горн by Katya Gorn, Novosibirsk, Russian…
several pieces of paper are laid out on the floor
WISH / Identidad de Marca
branding and packaging design for WISH Diseño | by Plasma Nodo Medellín, Colombia, via Behance
there is a bag that says hello i'm here on the sheeted bed
Love it! who wouldn't want a package like this to show up to their door. and the bold letters make it perfect to express "I'm Here!"
three shelves with different types of bottles on top of each other and labels above them
STENHALLEN Branding & Packaging
STENHALLEN Branding & Packaging on Behance by Jenny Vesterlund curated by Packaging Diva PD. Examination project in Graphic Design & Communication. The task was to make a cultural project in Sundsvall (a town in North of Sweden)
three different types of computer keyboards and mouses on top of each other with the same pattern
box - packaging
box - packaging by Emily JEANNE