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a cake decorated with flowers and chocolate drizzle
Flower Cake, Birthday Girl, Drip Cake, Chocolate and Butter Cream
there is a cake that has been decorated with flowers and leaves on top of it
Pineapple Cake, Cream Cheese
a cake with sprinkles and an ice cream cone sitting on top of it
Ice Cream Cake, Butter Creme, Ice Cream, Drip Cake
a close up of a cake on a table
Naked Cake, Chocolate and Cream Cheese
a three tiered cake with fresh fruit on top and chocolate drizzled over the top
Naked Cake, Vanilla and Chocolate Cake
a blue and white striped cake with hot air balloons
Hot Ballon, Birthday Cake, Blue
a teddy bear sitting on top of a stack of blue and white diaper cake
Fondant cake, Birthday Cake, One, Baby Blue
a triple layer cake with fruit on top
Naked Cake, Chocolate&Cream Cheese, Fruits
a close up of a cake with frosting and flowers on the top, sitting on a table
Chocolate and quark cream, Birthday Cake, Flowers, Naked Cake
a white cake with chocolate drizzles and fruit on top, sitting on a table
Red Velvet, Coconut and chocolate, Drip chocolate cake, fruits
three layer chocolate cake with raspberries and blueberries on top
Chocolate&Cream Cheese Cake, Birthday Cake, wild fruits, strawberries, Naked Cake
there is a cake with animals on it
Panda Birthday Party, Birthday Cake, Panda
a black and white cake with pink flowers on top
Chanel Cake, Birthday Cake
a cake with chocolate, marshmallows, and cookies on it sitting on a plate
Chocolate&ButterCream Cake, Birthday Cake, Drip Cake
a close up of a cake on a table with other food items around the cake
Chocolate&Cream Cheese Cake, Birthday Cake, Naked Cake