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three pieces of jewelry are laying on the floor next to each other, including earrings and bracelets
someone is holding a miniature ring with pearls and emeralds on it's side
Marie Antoinette’s Pearls and Pugs....
a mannequin with red and silver jewelry on it
a barbie doll wearing a blue dress with gold chains on it's neck and necklace
Mademoiselle Jolie in Stellas Fashion 03
a barbie doll wearing a black dress with silver chains on it's necklaces
Hi Fashion Doll Collectors! Welcome to Angel Boutique! by angelboutique
a doll with blonde hair and blue beads on her necklace, wearing a white sweater
a barbie doll wearing a necklace and earrings
a barbie doll is wearing a pink dress and gold necklace with dangling earrings on her head
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