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Paper Cut Birds ❤️ aren't these lovely?
a weaving machine with several different colored yarns hanging from it's sides and wooden pegs in the middle
Teppich knüpfen/ weben für das Puppenhaus.
two hands holding a ball of plastic beads
Fine motor activity using a spiky ball and loom bands
Here is a simple fine motor activity using a spiky ball and loom bands. It's lots of fun for preschoolers or children needing to build their hand muscles for writing and gripping objects. Occupational therapist would also be very interested in this easy idea for kids.
a piece of wood with white ribbon tied around it
32 inexpensive ideas on how parents can entertain their children Curioctopus.de
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Artful Kids Weaving Craft Using a Hula Hoop
four knitted objects with eyes and hands on them, all in different colors that are multicolored
a paper plate with a rainbow painted on it and some sticks sticking out of the top
Rainbow Paper Plate Weaving Project
Rainbow Paper Plate Weaving Project - #paper #Plate #Project #Rainbow #Weaving