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some people are drawn in black and white
faces sketch cartoon
a black and white drawing of a man's face with his hair pulled back
a man holding his head in front of him with the caption did any of you notice that when the siblings are time traveling, their outfits change along without their age?
At this realization my heart broke 💔
Honestly what a mood Fandom, Incorrect Quotes, Series, Johnlock
Honestly what a mood
a tweet with the caption'five is fun because you think that he's a bitter assole because he's been stuck in an apocaly plastic wasteland for 45 years but then
Oh he's just like that
the text is written in two different languages, and it appears to be true or false
This is the best one I've seen
a text message that reads, klauus in scooby - doo, secret tunnels are always behind shelves there's gon't be one
a comic strip with two birds on the same page and one bird saying to the moon
a group of people standing next to each other on a stage
Ellen Page is too godam SMALL<<<<< Young Vanya is taller than her lmao also rip Five he’s the only one by himself
a man and woman sitting next to each other
Five with Vanya // Five with everyone (except Ben). #vanyahargreeves #number5 #theumbrellaacademy #theumbrellaacademymemes
a group of people standing next to each other in front of a white background,
Gravações em Toronto do episódio 9. . . . . . #theumbrellaacademy #gabrielba #hq #comicbook #netflix #netflixbrasil #gerardway #emmylampman…
It's my two favesss😍😍😍❤❤ Umbrella Art, Stardew Valley, Serie Tv, Oeuvre D'art, Art Reference, Umbrella, Cool Art, Art Drawings
a multifandom mess
It's my two favesss😍😍😍❤❤
a drawing of a woman in front of a group of people with headphones on
loser crew!! on Instagram:, just thought it was great to redraw HAH -
two tweets that are on the same page, one is being pulled over by another
I love how the dad is in the corner just going WOOOOH
two comic panels with one showing a man holding a baby and the other saying that he is
Romy Jones
Original text post by @klauzoleum
the babysitting chart is shown in black and white, with four different faces
I think Ben would be good at babysitting and I think Klaus would be the child but other than that this is very accurate -Nannon
a text message with the words i heard - a - rumour follow
the text is written in black and white on a piece of paper that says, grace what are you morning i'm?
well i am majoring in youtube and minecraft as well!
Love how the only serious major is frickin luther
the text on the phone says,'you ever want to talk about your feelings and feelings
any Luther meme is just “dad sent me to the moon” and they’re all somehow more original then you think.
the tweet has been posted to someone on twitter
Umbrella Academy
an old song with some words written on it
Klaus and Ben give me warm fuzzies
#umbrellaacademy Geek
a text message that reads, incorectumbbleacad folgen klauus here you go, a nice cup of hot coffee it's cold
an image of someone's tweeting on their cell phone with the caption that reads, luther are you awake?
tua having a sleepover
the poem is written in black and white
the umbrella academy