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three ceramic ornaments hanging from a christmas tree
Trends | Cox & Cox
a small wooden table and bench sitting on top of a hard wood floor
Met wat tape en wat restjes verf, pimp je gemakkelijk je IKEA-krukje! Ik ben verliefd! 😍
three lit up white houses sitting on top of a table
Casa Miniatura
three small christmas trees made out of rope and beads on a wooden table with white stars
Decoração Natalina - Árvores Rústicas
three wooden christmas trees hanging from twine strings on a white wall with black dots
the instructions for how to make a paper house with lights and trees on it,
Mein Töpfertagebuch (8): Anleitung für Lichthäuser aus Ton als Weihnachtsdeko - Leelah Loves
a shadow frame with two rocks and a heart on it