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paper hearts being cut out to make a heart wall art project for kids and adults
PAP- Coração 3D
Para o dia dos namorados
a family tree with hearts on it
Árvores dos Afetos - escola e família de "mãos dadas" - Cativar na Escola
children are drawing on a large sheet of paper
Recurso 2: Fotocopias emociones
five stuffed monsters are lined up in a row
LA COULEUR DES EMOTIONS SAC À ALBUM - A la très très petite maternelle
four different types of animals that are labeled in the shape of an octagon
a black and white drawing of a girl holding her hand out
an assortment of different colored shapes and sizes in a box with matching numbers on them
Boîte à compter : le monstre des émotions
five different colored monster gloves with eyes and mouths
three stuffed animals are sitting next to each other
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