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5 ideias com tampinhas de garrafa pet- artesanato criativo do @compartilhandoarte
a bed made out of plastic cups on top of a wooden floor next to a blue wall
Reciclando tampinhas
*Decoração e Invenção*: Reciclando tampinhas
a white vase with circles on it sitting on top of a rug next to a wall
Ideias artesanais com tampa de PET
Ideias artesanais com tampa de PET
an art piece made out of soda cans
there is a painting made out of beer cans on the floor with other items around it
bottle cap art
there is a sign made out of bottle caps with the words reuse on it
Site Suspended - This site has stepped out for a bit
a bunch of rolled up yarn sitting on top of a wooden floor
Abstract Quills
a white frame holding a multicolored button art piece in the shape of a rainbow
the word imagine is made up of circles
Imagine quilling - a photo on Flickriver
an eye made up of many different colored circles
Juxtapoz Magazine - Recycled Artwork from Mary Ellen Croteau
cool recycled artwork