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a baby deer is laying down in the grass
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a koala bear sleeping on top of a tree branch
Two Koalas
Two Koalas by ramislevy, via Flickr
a koala is sleeping on a tree branch
Sleep Tight! Snoozing Animals Gallery
Koalas are marsupials and solitary creatures, spending most of their days comfortably lounging in trees. They usually spend between 18 and 22 hours, or about 75 percent of the day, sleeping. The extended naps help koalas conserve energy, which they need to digest their fiber-heavy diet of eucalyptus leaves.
a mother koala and her baby on a tree branch
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Vickie 🌷 on Twitter: "Mom 💝😍💞🥰… "
a koala sleeping on top of a tree branch with its head resting on a stick
Koality Nap
Koality Nap | San Diego Zoo | Flickr
a baby koala sitting on top of an adult koala in a blue tub
a small koala climbing up the side of a tree branch with it's mouth open
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a person holding a small koala bear in their right hand and chewing on a leaf
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Bebé Koala #RT si amas a los animales
two baby animals playing with each other in the grass
A College Story
Real life Bambi.
a frog is laying on top of a lily pad
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