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a pug dog holding a teddy bear in its mouth while standing on the floor
Pug Cannibalism - Carrots 'N' Cake
Pug eat pug world.
two small pug dogs standing next to each other on top of a grass covered field
"Rawwwrrrrr I'm gonna have me some roll!"
a pug dog sitting in an orange bucket with its tongue hanging out and the caption says, my bucket list sit in bucket smile 3 make bubbles
And My Bucket List...is Complete
And My Bucket List...is Complete
a small black dog wearing a gold chain around its neck
Cute Black Pug Puppy
a group of pug puppies sitting in front of a fire place
Do we call a grouping of pugs a grumble because we grumble that we can't get right in there with them?
a group of puppies sitting in a dog bed
I made dees
a white and black dog sitting in front of the space needle at night with red collar
Pugs in Space
Pugs in Space by AsherBlue, via Flickr
a boy and his dog playing in the leaves
They’re almost always wildly insane. | 41 Reasons Why Pugs Are The Most Majestic Creatures On Earth
a pug dog sitting in a shopping cart with target sign on it's head
Target pug
a man standing in front of an orange background with the words, piss want some pugs?
Pug Dealer
a small pug dog standing on the floor
bone deep
Baby pug
four black pug puppies are standing in the grass
Cute Black Pug Puppies
a black dog wearing a pink dress sitting in a chair with its head on the back of a couch
a small pug dog laying on the floor with its head resting on it's paws
Too Cute by Shere Crossman
a small pug dog standing on its hind legs in front of some carpeted stairs
Baby pug says: Stop mocking me and HELP ME DOWN!
a pug dog wearing sunglasses laying on top of a couch
Doug the pug << I want a pug even more now!
a small pug dog sitting in a toy box
Dog Toy Boxes http://europug.eu/product/dog-toy-boxes/
a small pug standing on top of a brick walkway
Fawn Pug
a pug dog wearing sunglasses and a towel
a pug dog sitting on top of someone's legs wearing socks with faces painted on them
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two dogs are walking across the street in front of a crosswalk with words on it
Pug Love
a small pug dog is looking at the camera
Cute pug!
a pug dog laying in a basket with a blanket on it's back
Bah Humpug!
three pug dogs are standing in a row
SPF record
a small pug dog wearing a sign on it's back and leashes
funny pugs Photo: pugs
a small pug dog laying on top of a bed covered in blue sheets and pillows
a pug dog sitting on a couch with a jar of peanut butter and a knife
"I eat my peanut butter by the spoonful" - Doug the Pug