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several bags of food sitting on top of boxes
Kaffe med snäll eftersmak | Från egna gårdar | Lykke Kaffegårdar
an open cardboard box with stickers on it
Relationshipped by Matt Chase, via Behance
two bottles of coffee sit next to each other on a white surface, one is black and the other is green
Sofee and the Gang | Studio Najbrt
Sofee and the Gang | Studio Najbrt
a green bottle with a purple label on it
screen-shot-2021-02-09-at-2.18.16-pm.png |
two jars of seed butter next to a piece of bread
If You Like Tahini, You’ll Love Seedible
a jar filled with pickles sitting on top of a table
Bartosz Ferments
Bartosz Ferments on Behance
a yellow business card sitting on top of a white table
Colorplan Pristine White Indigo SG 460 X 320 350gsm FSC – NSW
a bottle of brandy sitting on top of a wooden table
Packaging Design: Entre Pierre et Terre Spirits
adaptogen powder Food Styling, Herbs, Adaptogenic Herbs, Organic Ingredients, Herbalism, Adaptogens, Ingredient, Organic
Adaptogen Powder
Goldmine Adaptogen Powder is a tasty blend of 5 organic adaptogenic herbs that ease stress on the mind and body—chaga, reishi, cordyceips, ashwagandha, astragalus. Supports stress management, increased mental & physical stamina, enhanced focus, boosts immunity. Size — The jar is 39 grams (6 weeks worth of powder) How to use — Enjoy it daily in drinks and foods like coffee, smoothies, juice, tea, or even water! How much to use — 1/2-1 tsp (can take up to 3 times a day) Ingredients — reishi fr
a bottle of orange juice sitting on top of a white table next to a tag
ミコト屋 にんじんジュース
three pieces of purple and yellow stickers on top of each other with black writing
Peak | by Porter Packaging
Fresh to the market, Peak Social sought a packaging solution that would provide an unboxing experience just as good as the buzz its no-alcohol, nootropic drink delivers. Full of punch, personality and pops of colour. Peak partnered with Porter Packaging to roll out multiple packaging assets, including small to large scale tuck top and hinged lid shipping boxes. #packaging #packagingdesign #branding #porterpackaging
three different flavors of flavored toothpaste sitting next to each other on a table
Good Flower Farm
three orange business cards sitting on top of each other
The Design Blog - Graphic Design, Branding, and Packaging Inspiration
• balance through tension between the text and the central open space
two jars of honey sitting on top of a white cloth
LA CHINA Brand & Packaging Design by Estudio Cariño