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an emblem with the words and symbols in black on a white background, as well as a bird
Los 7 dones del Espíritu Santo
a bird is perched on the back of a wooden sunburst against a brick wall
Resplendor Divino Espirito Santo Madeira
a white bird sitting on top of a wooden starburst shaped object with gold stripes
Divinas Artes: O melhor em artigos religiosos.
a clock made out of wooden sticks with a white dove on it's face
the front cover of a book with an image of a sunflower and leaves on it
Circuito de Visitação à Cúpula
a white dove with wings spread out in front of an ornate background
a drawing of an angel with flowers and words
an image of a white dove with rays coming out of it
a woman sitting on top of a rock next to the ocean with a quote above it
11 Refreshing Quotes for the Stressed-Out College Girl - Project Inspired
a painting of a man wearing a priest's outfit with a halo around his neck
San Alberto Hurtado
an old painting with birds and a man standing in front of the moon, surrounded by other birds
Because Saint Francis Organics endeavors to protect wildlife and the environment by manufacturing clean, green, organic products. St Francis of Assisi. Patron Saint of Animals, the Environment and Ecology.